We have recovered ancient and current routes and nomadic for saliendonos of the topics visit Morocco and mountains as authentic Nomad, feeling the magic of a country that won't leave you indifferent.

  • BTT

    For emotions and adventure lovers we offer our Mtb routes in travel and difficulty. In all we assure landscapes and amazing experiences, together with our team can choose the areas to visit, and the distance of each daily stage...The RAID is one of the specialties offered by our team.


    We delve into the most authentic Morocco, to start the adventure on the river.
    Travel: intense and full of contrasts through a crossed territory of gorges, ravines, villages and nomad camps, where the hospitality of its people, the Berbers, will let us know their way of life and customs.


    For the lovers of climbing, we propose to make some of the best walls, all in an environment that you'll marvel.

  • SURF

    We invite you to go surfing in Morocco with us, we put at your disposal the costa atlantica, our resources, and all apply to which only you worry of surfing.


    We put at your disposal an environment with the best conditions for Training Camp and training at altitude, accompanied by the best team.

  • Morocco tours

    Travel at your own pace, to discover a Morocco that does not appear in guidebooks, the magic of its imperial cities, their ancient routes of caravans, the indomitable rif, the Berber tribes of the Atlas, the Touareg of the desert, the ancient pirates populations and much more.


    The lovers of two wheels, we suggest a journey by road and unimaginable ways, where you can enjoy the adventure and freedom allowing by motorbike.

    Our team will give you logistical support during the route and reimbursed upon your arrival to this ready.

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Amazigh adventure is a project that is born with the intention of giving a distinct space to our customers and friends who practice sport, we maintain the spirit of Amazigh Morocco Tours Adventure, that has made that so many trust us. Here you will find all the necessary information to make your favorite sport, as usual accounts with us.

We know

We are a team of professional nomads who love sports, we don't like to be quiet without doing anything, we take to maximize all resources that Morocco puts at our disposal, so in the summer we will see on the Atlantic coast surfing, in spring and autumn we will find bike or walking along the paths of the Atlas, Saghro, desert, in winter in the snowIt is also easy to find down by the rivers, climbing impossible walls or climbing the mythical Toubkal or M´goun.


We offer

Service, quality and honesty are values in Amazigh adventure to those who intentanmos give it a value added anticipation to needs and contingencies having a trip of this nature. Always imnovando and looking for new activities and places to perform them, try to get out of the already marked trails.

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  • Trekking
  • Climbing

Our team

Besides we have a wide network of external collaborators all expert in your area, most of them are Berbers as us, but they are mostly good people, honest and loving your work.